Bits Biography

May Beth
Hi- I’m Mary Beth, the owner of Bits Of This And That
  • My education-
    I graduated high school and went to college for business secretary & photography and some nursing courses.
    Places I have lived-I have lived in Ohio (currently) West Virginia and Florida.
    Countries I have visited-
    The only other country I have been able to visit is Canada. I was able to go to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. I went on the boat tour they had. Although sopping wet by the end, I really enjoyed it and the shops we visited.
    Languages I speak-
    I speak three languages. English, Spanish, and German. You will see some Spanish on my website now and then as I am part Spanish. My great grandmother was de España. (from Spain)
    Work History-
    I’m an author & Business Consultant. Helping you build a better online business and showing you how to grow your business. Specializing in S.E.O., Marketing, Finance, Home Based Businesses, Bloggers Market and how to Search The Job Market.
    Published Works-
    I have published books for children and adults in many different genres.
    All books can be purchased at
    Online Companies I have worked for:
    I have made money online with companies who hire me. I have worked with companies like
    Chevy (as one of the chevy girls- for the Cleveland Ohio area),
    Soda Stream (soda maker),
    Boogie Wipes,
    and The Halo
    and have reviewed products such as PMD (Personal Microderm)
    and reviewed websites such as