I am an author with more than 20 published E-books including children’s books. I am also a content marketer and a freelance writer.

Some of the first Online Companies I have worked for:

I have made money over the years online with companies who haved hired me.The list below is only a partial list but gives you an idea of what work I have done.  I have worked with companies such as:

Chevy (as one of the paid chevy girls- for the cleveland ohio area),
Soda Stream (soda maker),
Boogie Wipes,
The Halo,
and Cottonelle
Pine Brothers Cough Drops
Vista Print

and have reviewed products such as PMD (Personal Microderm)
Mamas and Papas (stroller and baby carrier)
Crazy Dog Tee Shirts

and reviewed websites such as Chewy.com

If you have a campaign that you think would be a  fit for my site, I’d love to hear about it. If you have work for me as a freelance writer or as a marketer, you can contact me with details. If you would like for  me review your product, service or website, or place an advertisement with us or sponsor a post you can contact me HERE