Did You Know- 20 Of The Most Outrageous True Facts

Did You Know? 20 Of The Most Outrageous Facts, You’ll Read
Here you’ll read some of the most outrageous facts that are all true. It’s awesome what you can learn from just a little well-known fact. 

Did You Know- Completely Useless (Yet Knowledgeable) Fun Facts

We thought it would be fun to share these fun facts, that although useless they are still worth the read. They are very interesting and you can obtain a good bit of knowledge from them. Enjoy!

Did You Know Series-Fun Facts For Kids

We thought it would be fun to do a series for kids. Knowledge is always a good thing to gain. Kids learn a lot, easily and so by posting information on our website just for kids, about animals, the atmosphere, science, outer space, food, the body and more, it might just help the younger generation to have fun while learning. So hats off to our kids. Get Educated!

Health Bits- Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated

oday I thought I would share foods that help keep you hydrated, due to the fact that not only is it summer and we need all the help we can get, but also because most of us do not get enough water throughout the day. So I have a list of 20 foods that you can enjoy, as well as , keep you a little healthier.

20 Of the Most Interesting Sayings, Idioms, & Phrases

20 Of the Most Interesting Sayings, Idioms, & Phrases -Ever wondered why a bird in the hand is worth “two in the bush” and who was it that said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” (or, an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay,) official?

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