The Nightmares Continue And Watching Webcams

I’ve been thinking about getting a few cams to put outside the house to keep an eye on things. We have some questionable things going on around here. I am having the worst nightmares again. I guess it’s better than being one of those people who have paranormal activity in their homes. 

Attack Of The House Cat

I look like a shredded piece of meat. At least my arm does. I hate getting shredded by my house cat. I wonder how many people get hit with the wintertime blues and depression? It’s funny, but I’m stumped and I haven’t even started yet.

Trying To Deal With The Loss Of My Sweet K.C.

I am so upset still over losing my cat. I miss him so much. I am so sad. I wonder how many people have been around someone where they always have to walk on eggshells all the time? it’s so aggravating. I can’t stand it.

The Cops Searching The Neighbor Again? Who What Where?

October. What a beautiful time of year. I love Autumn. So pretty, so cool and crisp, so inviting, the out of doors is. Such beautiful colors. Decorations to put up. Scarecrows, The cops were out searching again. I don’t know who they’re looking for now. The last time they searched the property was to find the man who killed his wife. I don’t know who they’re looking for now.

Journaling My Busy Hectic Chaotic Life

Okay, so I’m not very good at keeping a journal. The nightmares have started again. I had five nightmares rolled into one last night. The weather has turned bitterly cold at nights and we have finally had to turn the heater on

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