Have A Plan

Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget

06/28/2017 Mary Beth 0

Healthy food can be expensive.
But there are several ways to save money and still eat healthy foods.
Here are some tips to get you started with eating healthy when on a budget.Ten tips that will help you eat healthy while n a budget.

Tone Up Quickly

Tuesday’s Tip – Exercise-Fitness-Health

05/23/2017 Mary Beth 0

What is a secret to getting a toned, trim body in a short amount of time?
Use the treadmill. Even just ten minutes for a cardio and toning session. But the secret is to not forget to use your dumbbells. Two or three pounds is good. Remember we’re going for a slightly brisk walk. Nothing too slow.

Fit For Life

Physical Fitness After Age Fifty

05/08/2017 Mary Beth 1

Find out how to become fit, and stay fit. Fit for life. It can be easy, fun and rewarding. Go alone or grab a partner. However you do it, there are benefits to exercise. At any age. Add years to your life.