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Here I share some of the books I have written. There are 20 books on this page. You can preview them all here. I wanted to be able to share them with all of you.I have gotten such encouragement from so many of you. These are only kindle editions for now. I know a lot of you read your books on kindle. Maybe in the near future I might eventually have them in physical copy as well. 

(NOTE) Sometimes previews can get a little distorted. This will not be how it looks on the actual kindle book.

Find all my books Here

 How You Can Achieve Success Working From Home

Learning Spanish Is Easy: Aprender español es fácil


Effectively Managing Success

 What Do You See On A Farm

Learning Is Fun – In My Room: Aprender Es Divertido – En Mi Habitación

Lowering Your Cholesterol Naturally

Signs Your Marriage Is Solid

Money Management -Planning-Budgeting-Saving

Learning Is Fun – My First Bilingual Book –Aprender es divertido- Mi primer libro bilingüe.

Are You A Slob? Need Help?: 25 Cleaning And Organization Tips

 Learning Is Fun -My Family – Aprender Es Divertido- Mi Familia

Reaching Your Fitness Goals At Any Stage In Your Life

Learning Is Fun -colors/Colores Numbers/números Shapes/formas

Learning Is Fun-People In My Family: Aprender Es Divertido- La Gente En Mi Familia

Zoo TIme Animals: Fun Fascinating Facts

Aquatic Animals -Fun Fascinating Facts

Forest Animals -Fun Fascinating Facts

Desert Animals Book 4

A-Z Come Learn With Me

Peter’s Birthday

Home Remedies From Grandma’s Cupboard

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