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Disclaimer for Living The Simple Life (AKA) “Bits Of This And That”

“It is your responsibility to read this disclaimer prior to reading my blog. Upon exiting this disclaimer page and upon reading any part of my blog, you immediately provide an agreement to this disclaimer and therefore, waive all rights for any legal action against the content of this blog.

Please note that this is my personal blog. The views written here are personal in nature. This blog is merely a virtual place for me to express myself in whatever mood I am in at the point of posting its content. Whatever written here has nothing to do with the people, organizations, institutions or companies that I may or may not be related to. This blog is just a collection of my random thoughts. I created this blog with NO intention to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual, or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back. This blog also, is not a reviewed journal nor is it a paid publication. Therefore,excuse me for any of my grammatical mistakes and typos.

This blog is created to do no harm, to not injure others, defame or libel. It contains my personal opinions only. What I have written on my blog is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. I will not be held responsible if anyone uses my opinions, tips, techniques and/or recommendations, and is injured in the process. Moreover, I will not be responsible to those who use or rely on the information posted here – they will be responsible for any action, content, products, services, damages or losses, indirectly or directly, caused or alleged, to have been caused by my writings. While I do refer to and include links of other third party web pages, I am not responsible for the content, products or services of those web pages. If I refer to or post any of your creations and you feel that it has not been used properly and/or you are not fairly credited for it (I use things properly and legally to the best of my knowledge/and try finding the original creator of the external materials), please do contact me in my email. Similarly, those who use any of my personal materials posted in this blog are required to provide credit to my page as the source of the material mentioned.


You are welcomed to disagree with me, challenge my views or even tell me that I am completely weird in the comments section placed at the end of each posting entry. Please take note that all your comments will be moderated by me at my own sole discretion. Any tasteless, rude, blasphemous, profane, abusive, racial or insulting comments will be deleted. Spam or marketing messages are not allowed and will be deleted.

While comments are moderated, I am not responsible for the content of any comments nor will be held liable for any posted comments submitted by anyone on this blog, nor the laws which they may break through their comments’ content, implication and intent.

I am not responsible to reply to each and every comment moderated and approved. While I appreciate each and every comment, I do reserve the choice to post my response to it, depending on my capacity to do so. Please understand that I do not have opportunity to keep up with everything written on my blog .

Also my blog is used occasionally for profit. Reviews are done in exchange for products and post and articles written , as well as full page ads are posted for monetary payments.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my disclaimer. Mary