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Dear Diary~ When It Rains-It Pours

Ysabell~ It’s True~ When It Rains-It Pours

Oh, don’t you just love the snowball effect?! When one thing happens it all happens. You can’t just fall on the ice and do damage to your leg, foot, and self-esteem, You have to have appliances break, water-lines freeze, electrical short-outs and pets die. Have to go to two hospitals, with no insurance and own tons of money, you don’t know where it’s going to come from. Ah, Life! How can it get any better than this? Really?! Oh yeah, it could. Try having your blood pressure be 221/111 and live to tell about it. There’s heart disease waiting to happen.

I know I haven’t written in so long Ysabell but it’s just one thing after another. The most I’ve been doing online is watching Netflix while my leg tries to recover. I’m trying to get

pages of my diary
What’s On My Mind?

things in order and I don’t seem to have much time for the one thing I love to do, write.

The weather is back to being freezing temperatures again. Not much I feel like doing outside. Plus the fear of falling again and snapping my neck. So I’m stuck in here and waiting. For what, I don’t know. Just, waiting!

On a good note, my hubby has been great. Taking care of everything, including me. Such a great guy. Amazing actually. I’m so lucky.  I really don’t know what I would do without him.

I really have been loving the app, we’re related. It’s amazing how many people out there you’re related too. Presidents, Actors, Inventors, and Writers. I’m having so much fun learning who I’m related too and how I’m related to them.  Having a DNA test done was a really great adventure. I’m getting a pretty big tree going.

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I had to cancel one of the construction guys (put him off for a while) due to all the crazy things going on, so now I’m falling behind with the house. He was going to start putting up the trim and baseboards. We would have been so much closer to getting moved in and now we have to wait, yet again. Isn’t always the way? I just want to get moved in. That’s all.  I want to move in!

well Okay, Ysabell, That’s it for now. I have so much to say, but it’s late and I’m tired (for lack of sleep) my leg hurts that bad. Will chat again soon, I hope. More at a later date.

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