A pig Named Arnold
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The Loss Of A Pig Named Arnold

animal standing on dried leavesDear Ysabell,

Yesterday was a hard day. I woke like any other day and got busy with all my morning chores and went outside to feed my pets which consist of a cat, a dog and a potbellied pig (which was abandoned) when I went to feed my piggy, he wasn’t moving. He had died somewhere between midnight and the early morning hours. I feel so lost and my heart is broken. It’s not a pet I would have ever taken on normally, but he was abandoned by the neighbours twelve years ago. He came here and we just adopted him right into our family. He was loved so much by everyone and I miss him so much already. I guess it’s true what they say. You can’t choose who (or what) you love. And that goes for animals too. I just lost my K.C. in October, so losing Arnold (pig) is even more difficult now.

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Could days go on without stinking? Can a heart, break over a loving animal? Do the tears I shed for this little piggy matter to anyone but me?

A Pig Named Arnold

  • A pig wandered into our yard one day
  • In the winter all cold  lonely and grey
  • From up the road to our home, he came
  • Made us his family, we were never the same

A devoted friend and beloved pet such as Arnold will always hold a special place in our hearts. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten. He will be held in our hearts forever. He made life fun and there was never a dull moment with our beloved pig.

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