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The Year Is Ending-New Things Begin

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The Year Is Ending-New Things Begin

What do I talk about, Ysabell? The past year, I guess would be a good place to start. Maybe things I have accomplished. Things I’m thankful for. Things I wish I would have done. The year is ended. A new one begins.

  • My house is 95% finished, with just odds and ends to wrap-up. I’m so glad the flooring is finally finished. Makes the house look more like a home now.
  • I’m been doing well on my diet and exercise and losing a few pounds (strictly for health reasons)
  • I’m reading more. More of the books they say make you well-read. Enjoying every one of them too.
  • I’m thankful more, for all the little things that make me happy. Like family, friends, health, home.
  • I wish I would have written that book I wanted to write and not put it off.
  • I wish I would have gone on a vacation this year.
  • I wish I would have started my online shop this year instead of waiting until I thought things were (just right).

But all in all my year was a good one. I’m alive and I got to live it through with my family. I’m happy and semi-healthy.

I have forgotten to write in this diary and my home diary for so long. I guess I’m not doing so good with keeping up with my life story. I do wish I could do better with this. I love to write and I want my family to be able to read my writings when I’m gone. I just don’t know why I can’t make myself keep up with it.

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I have stopped drinking coffee. I don’t need it and I really don’t like it. It really messes with my body too, so I’m glad I quit. I think I only drink it because I’m trying not to put extra calories in my body with drink, and it has none. (maybe 2).

I have been perusing the internet looking for things to decorate the house with. I like gargoyle corbels and think I’ll put a few in the house. Small ones.

We have already been talking about adding on to the house in a few years. An exercise room for one. I would love to have that and a library. Two things I love to do. I hope this is something we will be able to do in the near future.

Well, have to run, Ysabell.

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