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Top 20 Blogging Tips-Ideas & Suggestions

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas To All My Readers

Today is the twenty third. Christmas is almost here. I hope everyone is having a great December.  Hope you enjoy your family and friends.

Hope you have all made some New Year’s Resolutions that you hope to keep. Mine is to lose some weight and keep up with exercising.  Better health in the coming year. Venture out more and take more photos, which I have seriously slacked off doing in recent years.

Today I’ll share some more ideas about blogging. We all get stuck and need help finding topics for our website, so I’m here to share a few more with you. I’ve listed twenty of our pick for today and hope you find something that you can use.

Now onto the list of helpful suggestions about blog posts. 

  1. Wishes And Goals- Can be anything you wish to share.
  2. Advice- Post advice on a topic you know a lot about, or share someone else’s wisdom
  3. Favorites (books, movies, actors etc.)
  4. Lists that everyone should keep. A wish list, A bucket list, A grocery list, A books to read list, etc.
  5. Blogging Ideas, we all know we need help from time to time. Like the one I’m doing here.
  6. Pitch a guest post
  7. Recipes you’ve collected over the years, you’d like to share
  8. Beginner Guides (how to) Essential Guide, Complete Guide
  9. Interviews (another successful blogger
  10. List And Embed Videos That Have To Do With Your Niche
  11. Marketing Tips that work/don’t work
  12. What sets your blog apart from other blogs
  13. A personal success story. Whether yours or someone else’s
  14. Product Reviews – From Televisions, to books, to clothing
  15. Sourced News – a person, publication, or other record or document that gives timely information.
  16. Profile a few other bloggers that you enjoy reading and visit quite often.
  17. How to grow your readership by using Social Media. Which S.M. is the best, which reaches the most readers Etc.
  18. Blog about Virtual Reality- Do you have a VR? How is it? How’s it work? What do you have downloaded that you like, dislike?
  19. Blog about the latest gadgets. What you thought about them if you have tried them.
  20. Automation-posts regarding ways to automate something is always a hit
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