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Ghosts- Spirits – & Paranormal Activites

Ghosts have been a popular subject of storytellers since people first started telling stories.  The idea that the departed remain with us, in spirit, comforts us  Polls reveal that more than 45 percent of the population believe in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity.

The term “paranormal” applies to anything currently beyond the range of scientific explanation.  Spirits become more active at night, due to a reduced electronic disturbance from appliances, which drown out ghostly apparitions. Because of this, you are most likely to detect ghostly disturbances when the house is calm

Facts About The Spirit World and the Paranormal

1. Spirits can manifest as streaks of light, mists and blurs, orbs and dark shadows

2. If a candle goes out or burns blue, most likely a spirit is about.

3. Animals can detect ghosts and spirits more than we can, other than children, who usually perceive them as imaginary friends.

4. Albert Einstein himself may have postulated a scientific basis for the existence of ghosts. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change its form, what becomes of our energy when we die?  Could it be somehow manifested as a ghost?

5. Is it Just old buildings that are haunted? It is not just old houses that get haunted. Researchers claim to have found paranormal evidence in jails, asylums, hospitals, hotels, museums, ships, roads and forests. Newer locations can also be haunted, as well as the land where a new building is built. There doesn’t have to be a death on the property. Within the paranormal community objects and people can be the focus of a haunting.

6. A ghost is considered to be the spirit or soul of a human. Some ghost believers also believe that there are ghosts of deceased animals as well. Anyone who has felt what feels like a cat or dog jump on their bed (my son has done this many times) in the middle of the night when none was there might agree.

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7. Is the paranormal fascination new?

8. The paranormal peaked in the US in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries with the introduction of Spiritualism. Mary Todd Lincoln, Mark Twain, and Harry Houdini were among the American celebrities who became part of the paranormal conversation.

9. The concept of ghosts as a form of life after death goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, where people believed that death was merely a transition from one form of existence to another.

10. The White House is haunted by a number of ghosts, including that of Abigail Adams, who has been seen hurrying toward the East Room, as she used to while doing the laundry.

11. Poltergeists have been reported to bite people, levitate objects, and knock on doors. The word is German and means “noisy spirit.”

12. The most popular aliens are little grey men with big black eyes, but blonde-haired Nordic humanoids have also been reported by eyewitnesses, along with dozens of other alien species.

13. Odd, but spirits have been known to protect the families they haunt.

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