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Is It Just Me Or Has The World Gone Mad?

Is It Just Me Or Has The World Gone Mad?

So how is it people do the things they do or say the things they say, and without nary a care? And yet you’re not allowed to say anything anymore without defensive behavior from someone. How is the world so full of evil and wickedness 100 (evil people) to 1 (good person) How can a person get away with the things they do? Child abuse, abuse to women, theft, murder?

Enough of the sad writings, Ysabell. Onto other topics.– I’ve started reading some of my favorite books again. Jane Eyre, Huckelberry Finn, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain. I’ll catch up on others later. These are such wonderful classics. And just because I’m related to Mark Twain, isn’t the reason he is my favorite author either. I just found out this bit of family information.

What is it, about my life, that is so fascinating to the, what should I call it? The other world, the world beyond, the spiritual world. What do you call something you don’t believe in? What are the figures that you see, and the things that you hear that are not there? What are the eerie feelings and the things that are felt when no-one is there? No one but you is around. How do you explain hearing family members call out to you that are not with you? What is this? How do you explain the second sight, if you will, the knowledge of something to happen, or has happened when you weren’t there? How do you describe an event, a place, or a person, that you’ve never been to, seen, or known? What is this ability that a person has, that you do not believe exists?  How does one possess such a thing?

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Well, Ysabell, Enough said for now. Will begin writing again soon. 


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