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2017 Movie – A Review Of (Blind)

2017 Movie – A Review (Blind)

A novelist blinded in a car crash (Alec Baldwin) which killed his wife rediscovers his passion for both life and writing when he embarks on an affair with the neglected wife (Demi Moore) of an indicted businessman (Dylan McDermott).

Rating: R
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Michael Mailer
Runtime: 106 minutes


Suzanne Dutchman (Demi Moore) seems to be a happily married wife. Her husband Mark (Dylan McDermott) is a businessman that continuously travels and is very well known. One day at a dinner party, Mark speaks to a client, Howard (James McCaffrey) about a deal whilst Suzanne speaks with her close friend Deanna (Viva Bianca). As Suzanne and Mark are on their way home it is revealed that the couple isn’t so happy after all.

Howard is caught by an undercover female agent for using and dealing cocaine and reveals many issues involving Mark. Mark is then arrested and Suzanne is facing charges for supporting him in his actions. The judge feels sympathy for Suzanne and mentions that she understands that Suzanne was unaware of her husband’s actions and sentences her to 100 hours of community service only.

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Suzanne follows up with her court order and begins reading for visually-impaired / blind man Bill Oakland (Alec Baldwin) – an author and English lecturer. During her time with Bill, Suzanne develops feelings for him and also finds out about her husband’s affair which leans her towards Bill even more.


Did you ever watch a movie that you regretted watching? A movie so horrible you couldn’t even finish it? This is that kind of movie.

This movie is not one that you can watch. I could not sit through the whole thing. It is definitely a hard movie to absorb.  It was very unsatisfying. It was dull and boring. It is in need of a reality check.  Not realistic at all.  Terribly clichéd. It is not a movie one would recommend. The movie is very scattered. The plot was disappointingly weak and it had a lack of depth.  This movie was hardly a successful one. This film is unimaginatively written. It is agonizing to sit through and watch. This is the kind of movie that leaves a bad taste in your mouth (so to speak).  The movie and actors failed to bring the watcher into the plot. If I had to give this movie a grade, it would be a D-. I don’t think it’s possible to give it anything more.

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