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15 Amazing Random And Educational Facts

Are you interested in reading some interesting, and fun facts? Take a look at the list below to read about 15 Amazing, Random And Educational Facts. They are fun, educational, and oh so amazing. Learn something new today.

    1. Did you know… the average shot of espresso contains less caffeine than a typical cup of coffee.
    2. Did you know… lemons contain more sugar than strawberries, for the same mass?
    3. Did you know… if you exposed a glass of water to space, it would boil rather than freeze? However, the water vapor would crystallize into ice afterward.
    4. Those born blind experience dreams involving things such as emotion, sound, and smell rather than sight
    5. Sleep experts have discovered a direct link between people’s favorite sleeping positions and their personalities
    6. Did you know… sound travels 4.3 times faster in water than in air
    7. In a group of 23 people, at least two have the same birthday with the probability greater than 1/2
    8. One can cut a pie into 8 pieces with three movements
    9. Did you know… frogs don’t need to drink water since they can absorb it through their skin. Humans, on the other hand, have waterproofing proteins in their skin to help prevent water loss.
    10. The Chinese actually invented the first sunglasses for judges. The dark lenses were designed to hide the judge’s emotions during courtroom proceedings.
    11. Within 12 months, over 50 million people will be dead.
    12. Did you know… pearls, bones, and teeth will dissolve in vinegar, which contains weak acetic acid
    13. Did you know that approximately 2,500 left-handed people die each year as a result of using equipment meant for right-handed people?
    14. Did you know… you have chemoreceptors or taste buds on the inside of your cheek as well as on your tongue
    15. Onions are great antioxidants, containing anti-allergy, antiviral, and anti-histamine properties. The sulfur compounds found in onions help in the detoxifying the body and aid in cellular repair.
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