Haunted Nights
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It Came Into My Room Again

I saw the cat walking by again. In the kitchen. Always in the kitchen. But it’s not real. Where does it come from and where is it going.  I hear the meows too. But it’s not crying.

The shadow came into my room again. Right through the wall. Like last time. But this time it came from outside, not the living room. It came in with force and flew right over top of me. It was trying to suffocate me. If not for being so stubborn and strong-headed, I think it would have killed me.

The same shadow that was in the woods before, but not as tall. And swift. This thing can move.
The shadow I saw when my father-in-law died. (exactly one week before he died). It’s not the hag. It’s a black-caped, hooded man, with no face. He floats just above the ground. He moves in and out of walls and doors. You can’t see through him though. But there is no substance to him.
The one in the woods is huge. At least 10 feet (plus) tall. He’s evil. You know it.

The sound outside my window very early in the mornings has me riled up. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s a noise I’ve never heard before. It sounds like an animal. It’s not! No-one else hears it. It’s only outside my window. I can’t make it out. It’s not natural. How can I explain what it sounds like when I can’t replicate it? And I’ve never heard the sound before. A sound like no other. So strange.

I have a picture of the one in the woods. Between two trees. It’s monstrous. Just like the thing that walked by me on my porch. The porch is up about 7 feet and I’m 5 feet. This thing was face to face with me, so it had to be twelve feet tall. I tried to look at it and as I turned my head, it disappeared. In mid-air. Vanished. Gone. Now I ask you, what was that?

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Do you believe in things that are not? Things that should not be? Things that are not of this world? Things that might wish us hard, Ysabell? I’m not sure I do, still, after all this. I don’t know. Are there things here in this world that we don’t know about? That we can’t understand? Or comprehend? Or explain? Should I believe in the things I’ve seen? Heard? Felt?

Other’s say they have seen things like this as well. They have heard, felt things that are not of this world. Am I one of those people now? What did I do to have this happen to me? What has caused this?

Good-night Ysabell. More Later.

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