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The Nightmares Continue And Watching Webcams

It has rained for three weeks now. I don’t know if the rain is going to stop.  I think my house is going to sink into the ground. Ha, it could happen.

Oh great now it’s an ice storm and it’s snowing.  Where I live, this can never be good. If the wind blows in Canada, we get a power outage. We’ll see.

Oh, okay I was right. We got a power outage. No electricity for two and a half days. Just great, just what I need. Doesn’t it always happen, just when you fill the freezer and fridge,  you lose power? Yeah! I know what I’ll not be eating for the next two weeks.

I have ordered all of my Christmas gifts online this year and I do believe I am finished. I hope I got everything I needed to get. I hope I didn’t forget anyone. What a travesty that would be, no?! I usually don’t mess with Christmas, but this year I am. With my son being sick, I thought it would be good to do. I’ve got a new house to decorate too, so that should be nice. Not too many people (if any) around here decorate for the Holidays, so it will be nice to be the one that does. Who knows, maybe I’ll get everyone else doing it again. So many people have lost the Holiday Spirit.

I am having the worst nightmares again, Ysabell. It’s hard to wake from them. They are sometimes really terrifying. I don’t know why I’m having them. I’m under some stress but I’m sure it wouldn’t produce the nightmares I’ve been having. I guess it’s better than being one of those people who have paranormal activity in their homes.

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I have been going to webcams lately. Watching the city, countryside, and people.  Biscayne Bay,  George Square. So much fun and interesting things to see. It’s not something I do all the time. It’s not a hobby or anything. It’s just something I do once a month or so, to break out of my boredom.  Seeing other peoples lives and activities. What others do to entertain their days. How they spend their time. I’ve been thinking about getting a few cams to put outside the house to keep an eye on things. We have some questionable things going on around here. I’d like to see if I could catch anything on one.  Some people have seen some strange things on theirs. I think It would be useful to have.

Well, have to run, Ysabell. Talk again soon.

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