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Journaling My Busy Hectic Chaotic Life

Okay, so I’m not very good at keeping a journal. I have to much to do and never

seem to have the time. I get busy and forget. My life is hectic and chaotic and I can’t stop running around like a nut. But mostly I don’t feel like I have enough to say that anyone would want to read. This is an on-line diary, you know? So I have to have an interesting life for someone to open the pages and read more than the first line. My life is boring to other people and I can’t jazz it up. I’m a housewife with no life, what can I say?

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The nightmares have started again. I had five nightmares rolled into one last night. I don’t know where one started and the other ended. They were all so disturbing I woke up unable to get my head together. I don’t know why I’m dreaming these things, or where they’re coming from, but I do know I don’t want to go back to sleep. Not that I get that much, and that is why this is so hard on me. When I do sleep and then I have these nightmares, my sleep is really disturbed. I’m an insomniac who, when she sleeps, only sleeps to have a hard night with disturbing nightmares that make her sleep even worse than not sleeping at all.
My dreams always seem to have me running from someone, or some thing. Usually with my two youngest kids. They are always so disturbing that I wonder what in the world caused them. Some man is always chasing me (us) or some kind of creature or animal. I run so much in my dreams, you think I’d wake up skinny one day. No luck in that. But I am unable to shake these for days on end.

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The weather has turned bitterly cold at nights and we have finally had to turn the heater on low at night. I hate using heat in the house. Makes breathing difficult and your nose gets dried out and your throat get dry and scratchy and even my eyes are messed up. I’m not a winter person. I like Spring and early Autumn.

My one thing I’m thankful for today is, Books. I love reading. I love knowledge, and I love reading about other peoples lives. I love taking some time out of a busy, hectic day, sitting down in a comfy chair and letting my mind go somewhere else. Good books, a good read, can make a bad day good, or a good day, better.

Later, Ysabell

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