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Today’s Journey- The Darkness And The Shadow

My Day’s Journey – The Darkness And The Shadow

Beautiful Autumn Day
Beautiful Autumn Day

I have been really enjoying the days lately. The weather is so nice. It’s like a beautiful Spring day, every day. Light rain in the mornings just a fine mist, sometimes with a little fog. So beautiful these Autumn days.

Today, early this morning. I saw another shadow. While feeding my dog. It was there by the truck. It moved slowly from the back tire to the front one, but when I looked up, it was gone. I was petting my dog and I seen the shadow on the ground moving, but when I looked to see what it was (or who) there was nothing there. Something had to make the shadow. That’s why I do not like going out in the dark. To much to scare you. Too bad I didn’t have my camera, of course, I wouldn’t have been able to catch anything on it, I’m sure.

Have you ever wondered what you were thinking when you (fill in)? For instance I was thinking of my younger days and wondering, what was I thinking, wearing those clothes, that hairstyle, dating those boys. EW! Some things can make you cringe. How was it that we thought the things we did was, cool, the people we dated were so cute, or the clothes we wore so awesome. How we thought we were so mature. I rarely think on those days, but I was reminded of it recently. I can actually say that I prefer the present day. Where I’m at is great.

I just watched the 1972 movie Deliverance again. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. What people meant by it being a horror movie. How they are so scared about the movie. I couldn’t remember anything like that, so I watched it again and there is nothing frightening, or horrific about it. I don’t know what they’re thinking. It’s clearly an action packed adventure, with a little bit of (gone wrong) to it. Nothing even remotely thriller about it. Like all the people who get scared over things that can’t be. Zombies, walking dead, witches, aliens. I mean come on! If there ever was anything  like this out there, it would be on a planet, in one of the many galaxies, in one of the many universes there is. It certainly would not be here, on earth. And Ghosts, there are no such things. There are demons, but ghosts are spirits, which again are demonic spirits, not loved ones. Once you’re dead, you’re dead, until judgment day. I don’t get it.

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Today I am thankful for:

  • My family
  • Our health
  • My pets
  • Our home
  • Food
  • Salvation
  • Friends

Good-Night Ysabell

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