Hectic Life In A Maze-Like House

It sometimes seems as if my life gets crazier by the day. I’m running here and there trying to get everything on my list done. Mike is running here and there. Our kids are caught in the middle doing their thing. And amongst all of that are the animals we have that need tending to.

My house is like a maze that no one can ever find anyone in. We don’t have anything open at our current house. (not in the new one yet) We have doors to everywhere. So when someone yells for someone and we have the fans going, the computers (with movies and headphones in) there’s no knowing what’s going on. Who wants who? Where they are at? and what anyone wants.!

We have a tree guy coming to cut down a few trees, and the gravel guy coming to pour in a few dump truck loads of different sized gravel on 3 different days. Not to mention this coming week we have the septic man coming to do his thing for this year. The electrician, the plumber, and the floor and cabinet guy are still in holding.

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We have packages coming almost every four to five days that we have left up to the kids to retrieve for us. And some packages coming that weren’t even ordered and have to send back. We are getting other peoples things and have to let them know to come and get them. It’s a zoo, I tell ya, Ysabell. A Zoo!

On top of all of that, there is laundry to do. Things need to be washed before putting away, things that will need washing when bringing them out from storage. Clothes, Blankets, Coats etc… What we don’t have, we now need to buy. Windows need washing, doors need scrubbing and don’t get me started on the walls, ceiling, and ceiling fans. Lots to do still. But fall is a great time of year.

Holidays planning is always fun to do. What holiday to have where, who to invite, when to have them. The food you’ll need. Decorations to put up and music to play. Family and friends getting together and enjoying everyone’s company. I will have to make a list to put in my journal of things I want to do for this fall. Things that need to be done. As you know, Ysabell, I like lists and organization.

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Toodles for now , Ysalbell. More Later.

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