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Listening To The Night Recordings

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I would like to go somewhere. I want to get away from it all and do something for October. Get a cabin, go hiking, biking, boating. I think it would be beautiful to do at the beginning of Autumn. Take my camera and get a ton of pictures. It’s so pretty, Autumn. All the changes in color, the coolness of the air, brisk feeling. Makes you feel alive.
I used to do this a lot when I was younger. My family always went places and did things like that. I haven’t done this for some time. I miss it, Ysabell.

Autumn is Here


I wonder why so many people don’t realize how much they love someone until that person is injured. Either hurt or in danger. Why they don’t realize how much they appreciate that person until something bad happens. Maybe even a tragedy. I saw this on a show and thought how true it is of a lot of people (families) Too bad, isn’t it? I hope I show my family how much  I love and appreciate them, daily?

I have finally taken all of my winter clothes out of storage and put them in easy reach. Sandals, shorts, tanks, all put in the drawers for next Spring. The only thing is my coats are gone. Missing! I haven’t a clue where they are. It’s so weird. Spooky no?! Maybe we have ghosts, Ysabell. LOL…

Speaking of ghosts. Mike has recorded some really weird and strange things lately. A  little girl saying help me, a man calling himself Verhan (I take it this is a German name?) And I have recorded someone telling me to be quiet. Me quiet. I never talk. This guy with the booming voice that sounds like he’s in a tunnel and it’s all echoey, is telling me to HUSH. I don’t believe in this stuff, but if you hear it in the night while you sleep and it’s recorded, then what are you to think. I know it ain’t God trying to give me the willies. What is going on I do not know. Oh and the creature I have a picture of standing in the trees. Like nine feet tall and shadowy. Now I’m not the only one who has seen him, Ysabell. I’m not losing my mind. The thing was there. It walked by me while I was on the porch too. Another dimension breakthrough? When I turned to get a better look at him, he vanished. It’s a strange thing, the world, the universe, nature.

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Today was a good day and I am going to plan a day trip somewhere. I’m going to enjoy photographing Autumn. I’ll let you know, Ysabell. Good night.

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