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Trying to do better requires unequivocal Persistence

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Trying to do better requires unequivocal Persistence

My Journals

Deary Ysabell,

Well, I have not been keeping up with my writings daily very well, have I? I guess a few times a week is better than not writing at all, but I would like to do better. How is it I forget to journal down my thoughts? It should be easy enough to do. one would think.  It is such a release to write your thoughts down. Great stress reliever.  I guess when I don’t feel I have exciting things to write I just wait for a day that I can put some exciting happenings here. That’s not always going to be the case.

Today has been the third rainy day in a row. Not much I can do outside. Pictures can’t be taken or I’ll ruin my camera. Clothes can’t be hung on the line. Obviously, right? And a stroll through the woods is out unless I want to be a drowned rat.  So it’s books and movies for me.  But that’s okay. I love books and have been getting back into watching movies again.

I have been doing a lot of ancestry work. On, and family search as well. I have found 11 famous people that I am related to.  It’s such a fun project to do. So much information to find when following your ancestors’ trails. Who they were, where they lived and for how long. And what they became. So interesting to find new ones every day. I know where I came from now.

This day is such a beautiful day. So fall like. And that is rare. It is one of the best season’s. I just have to marvel at the creation of the world. What a wonderful sight to get to see every day. Makes waking up such a joy.

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I can’t believe the twitter video I just saw. “The clouds in Xinjiang China fell to the ground! The truck drivers are afraid to move forward(due to the water vapor in the cloud being too heavy). This natural phenomenon is very rare”. I can’t wrap my head around this.  I know they say it’s rare but how does this happen in the first place. The earth is a really s bizarre and yet astonishing thing. Daunting too. If this could happen what else could? Twitter has some really tremendous stories and videos on it.

Well, enough said Ysabell. I will try to get in the habit of writing more often. Sometimes I just get so busy. Sometimes life just happens and gets in the way. Liebe das Leben.



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