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Feeling Stressed? Here Are Our Top 10 Ways To Reducing Stress -Stress-free Living

Being stressed can lead you to become sick more often, it can make your mood change making you feel irritable, grumpy.

We are listing a few ways you can overcome and defeat stress in your life.  Aside from physical activity and /or meditation, look at the list below to find ways that can help you get a hold on stress.

Calm yourself using candles

1. Get up early. Waking up early can benefit your body and mental health. So make sure this is part of your daily routine to rise and shine (earlier). You can use this time for meditation, or for reflecting or simply sitting for a minute before starting a hectic day.

2. Take Care Of Yourself. Taking care of yourself is crucial. Especially when stress. Being stressed is when we tend to neglect ourselves in all sorts of ways, like bad eating habits and lack of physical activity. Make sure to keep up with your grooming habits, as crazy as that sounds, and to get plenty of rest.

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3. Cleanse through meditation. Meditation helps with cleaning your mind. Ridding you of negative thoughts and replacing those with positive ones. Taking deep breaths and focusing on your breathing really does help to relax you. Getting rid of unwanted stress. It also helps to reduce your anxiety and tension.

4. Accepting Challenges makes for a clearer mind. When you are faced with a challenge in your life, face it, head on. it has a positive effect on your body and mind.

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5.  Make sure to have a routine. Routines make for a structured mind and body. Having one in place will make for a stress-free life.  Giving you less stress throughout the day.

6. Learn how to Slow down, Stay Calm and take it easy. Unplugging if you will from the world and social media. Making life a little less stressed by relaxing and thinking of good things, positive things. Keeping your mind calm. Mellowing out by listening to some relaxing music, sitting outdoors, taking a calming stroll. Getting your mind to be as relaxed and calm as your body. Light a candle and just sit in the dark.

7. Keep a Diary. When you write everything down, it helps to relieve stress. It is an effective stress management tool and will help you become more aware of the situations that cause you to become stressed in the first place.

8.  A common cause of stress is having too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Learn to take on less. Having less to do will relieve stress. It will put your mind and body at ease knowing there is less on your plate.  If you have to, learn to say No. Make sure others aren’t asking too much of you and inadvertently causing you stress. When feeling pressured to do more, you are adding stress and causing health problems for yourself, so learn to say No.

9. Limiting your alcohol and caffeine, consumption is a must. Too much of these can aggravate stress and anxiety and even cause panic attacks. Along with these try to also eat well-balanced meals. Taking care of your body when stressed is vital. Your diet choices can make your stress levels go up or down. Certain foods provide comfort and can increase levels of hormones that naturally fight stress.

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10. Project a positive outlook. Stay happy. Rid yourself of all the negatives in your life and think of pleasures. Have fun and laugh. Count your blessings.  Find a spot to get away from it all. Do a puzzle, try aromatherapy. Consider doing acupuncture. Whatever it takes, get yourself to a place that is giving you relaxation and riding yourself of stress. Take control of yourself and your life. Make better choices for mind and body.

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