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What A Beautiful First Autumn Day

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Dear Ysabell,

Beautiful Autumn Day
Beautiful Autumn Day

Today is a gorgeous day. It’s Autumn and it’s nice outside this morning. Talk of rain this evening but beautiful right at this very moment. I’ve been up for quite some time and have gotten a good bit of things done already. It will be nice to hang my clothes on the line today. The air is going to make them crisp and fresh.

Using virtual reality is so nice. I have been to Africa several times and it’s just great. That is one place I would love to go for a visit. It would be a dream come true. Another place I have visited through my VR is Italy. And who wouldn’t want to visit there?

I have gotten a few more notebooks to keep up with my journaling. A larger one for my daily journal and smaller cuter ones that are easy to handle for my spiritual journal. I like picking those p and going through them as often as I can, so they need to be flexible. I read and reread those often. They remind me of where I am, and where I want to be. Spiritually,

I haven’t been eating as healthy as I was. I have slacked off and that’s not good. I have found that the severe pain I have in my stomach is a lot of times due to the beans that I eat and so I have to cut most of them out and resort to other foods. I can’t go through that type of pain for that many hours over a bean. Potatoes do the same thing. Beans and rice are two of my favorite foods. I eat rice every day.

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My son has another doctor’s appointment coming up and we’ll find out how the medicines he’s been taking are working. I hope they are helping him. He’s had too many problems in his life already that he doesn’t need anymore.

I got some wonderful shots of the moon the other nite. I will put one or two up on my blog for Foto Friday. You can see so many craters. I also took a couple of pictures of what I thought was a star and I have no idea what I’m looking at. It looks like what you would believe some kind of alien creature to be like. I might upload that as well. Freaky to me.

Okay, Ysabell, Another day, another entry.

Lebe und Liebe das Leben

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