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The Hundred Story Home: Review

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The Hundred Story Home: A Memoir of Finding Faith in Ourselves and Something Bigger

About the book: 

Kathy Izard was a graphic designer, wife, mother of four daughters, and volunteer at Charlotte’s Urban Ministry Center when an unlikely meeting with formerly homeless author Denver Moore changed the course of her life. Inspired by Denver’s challenge to do more than serve in this soup kitchen, Kathy quit her job to take on what seemed like an unimaginable task in her second half of life—to build housing for Charlotte’s homeless.

Woven together in this motivational story of a call to social action is Kathy’s personal journey to define the meaning of home and her own struggle with faith, family, and fulfillment. Reading this book will not only make you believe you can change the world, it will also end up changing you.

“Kathy Izard tells two compelling stories in one: About her journey toward fulfilling her life’s purpose and about Charlotte’s journey to finally treating its chronically homeless with compassion and dignity. Each has twists and turns, each has a happy ending.” —Taylor Batten, Editorial Page Editor, The Charlotte Observer


About the author:

Kathy Izard was an award-winning graphic designer for twenty years in Charlotte before launching the pilot program Homeless to Homes for the Urban Ministry Center in 2007.  She successfully demonstrated this Housing First program could succeed and led the city-wide effort to build Moore Place which now houses over one hundred chronically homeless men and women.
Kathy has written about her path to finding faith and a calling in The Hundred Story Home which received a 2017 Christopher Award.  Her community work has also earned the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Local Hero Award and the NC Housing Volunteer of the Year Award.  Kathy, her husband, and four daughters live Charlotte, N.C.

My Thoughts: 

I requested this book to read because it sounded like something that I could enjoy. Forgetting that I ordered it. I watched a movie called Same kind of different as me. Then the next day the book came and I read that she had met Denver Moore, the man from Same kind of different as me, and I knew I would love this book. Because I knew she would have the same drive and heart as this man. She was going to be someone who would change your life by her words.

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The Hundred Story Home is honest, inspiring, and encouraging.  She writes about homelessness and mental illness, as well as, her family life. Good times and bad. Ups and downs. What do you do when you’re living the perfect life and then, you are challenged?  Challenged with the unknown for many years. This is a story that will touch your heart and one that will make you think. See people in a different way. Open your heart up to those in need. I felt connected to this woman as I read about her daughter needing open heart surgery at the age of nine months, due to a hole in her heart. My son had three holes in his heart and needed open heart surgery at the age of 11 months. It’s a terrifying situation. But unlike her, (she didn’t turn to God). I went to God in prayer. Thankfully, her daughter and my son, both lived.

I have always had a heart for the homeless and donate to homeless shelters, but never was able to contribute my time. Those who have had a heart for the homeless will relate to the drive behind the woman’s mission to establish a residence for the homeless. Being right there, first hand. Helping and getting involved. Loving those in need. A must-read book. 5 stars!

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers A book review bloggers program.


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