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Writers Life – Journaling A Memory

Writers- Life – Journaling An Unsolved Memory- Still A Mystery To This Day.

Dear Ysabell,

You can write anything in your journal, I’m told. So I thought I’d share a memory with you today. One that still has me puzzled. One that is still unsolved. A mystery to me.

Did you ever hear things while you’re asleep and do things unaware? Like being asleep and hearing someone call out to you and you get up and go to them without realizing it. I’m not talking sleep-walking. I mean you can hear them and you know what you’re doing, only while you’re asleep. You can’t stop yourself. It’s like a force pulling you. Telling you to do what you know you shouldn’t do. Telling you to go, where you shouldn’t be.

This is a dangerous thing to do. It’s like being in a dream state. Not quite asleep and yet not fully awake. When you hear things or people talking and you take action. That can be dangerous. Someone could get themselves hurt.

brown wooden pull wagon near trees covered by snowEx.-  And in the winter when it was cold, he called me. More than once I heard him calling me from the woods, to come to him. Pitch black outside, deep into the woods. 100 yards away. If you know me I’m terrified of the dark, the woods, and being alone. How was I to go? Who was he? What did he want?

My mother said she heard me.outside. Wandering around in the middle of the night. Where I had been she doesn’t know. As she was coming to look for me, I was headed back. She doesn’t know how long I’d been gone, just that she heard noises outside that woke her up.

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I couldn’t explain it. I had no idea. She thought I must have just been sleep-walking. But we both knew that I hadn’t been.

This occurred several times and no-one knows where I go, who I go to and what was said or done. I just know he stands at the edge of the woods and looks straight at my window, calling for me. How does he know my name? What does he want with me? Is this someone I know? How long am I gone? Am I in danger?

Goodnight Ysabell. May the morning find me well, and safe.

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