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Drugstores- Why Do They Put Them There?

Dear Ysabell,

Yes, as you’ve noticed, I’ve given you a name. I think it’s fitting. So hello Ysabell.  I think diaries should have names. I don’t like dear, diary. Who started that anyway?

I have been sleeping in more than usual lately. I guess it’s all this drab weather we’re having right now. Fall is coming early this year I do believe. We didn’t have much of a summer and now I think we’re going to skip it and go right into fall. Unless we miss out on that and go right into winter. I think they might have something with this global warming. I think we need to start recycling more like the olden days. Bottled pop, milk, and glass instead of plastic, as well as reusable grocery bags. We are hurting ourselves and future generations by not taking care of the planet.

Today was a productive day at the house. I feel so much better, now that we are getting closer to moving in. Mike is doing a really great job with everything that needs doing. I’m glad he’s a professional painter. Saves a lot of money. He’s been working hard.

Have you ever wondered why drugstores have the pharmacy in the back of the stores? we’re sick you know. Why make us go all the way to the back of the store to get our medicines. And why, oh why, do they put the groceries right where the pharmacy is. People are sneezing, coughing, and have contagious diseases and they’re walking around by the food, (touching it) and all. I walked out of my pharmacy in the last year sicker than a dog, twice. Once for a month and the other time for more than 3 months. And people wonder why I carry around antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. It’s for this reason alone. Buggies (carts), door handles, credit card machines, etc…

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Wouldn’t you know it? A package was scheduled for today and again it didn’t get here. I’m tired of having packages scheduled and then never show up. Why promise something you just can’t deliver. Give yourself an extra day or two I don’t care, just don’t make me sit at home waiting for the thing that will not show up. I could see if it was winter or some major catastrophe, but every time, every delivery.

Okay, that’s enough for today, Ysabell. Enough of this chitter chatter for now.

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