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Another Day- More Blatherings- Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Did you ever just have one of those moments? Days? Where you couldn’t write anything. Couldn’t think of anything at all to say? Nothing. Your mind is a complete and utter blank. A blank slate. That’s me. I have nothing to say. It’s been raining for several days straight and will continue for another three. The hurricane on the east coast is causing it, and  I have to say that, it’s a lot of rain. It has caused my brain to take a sort of siesta. It’s a week where it’s cold, rainy, and you just need a few days of slumber.

On a brighter note. My new house has the interior walls primed. Waiting for the paint to arrive for some of the walls. I have a few colors picked out for the rest of the house but am not sure they are what I want so I am waiting for more samples to view. It’s an exciting process. The house is slowly but surely taking shape.

Did you ever notice how immature it is to write, Dear Diary? It is really. I don’t like putting that. So what I’ve decided to do, is to name my diary and see how that works out. I don’t mean a name like My Journey through Life. I mean an actual name. Like Rosalie.That I can address like I’m actually talking to someone instead of an inanimate object. Should I? Silly I know, but hey I said I had nothing to write and this is an unambiguous attempt.

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I have been looking at 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled, motorized, Bikes, golf carts, scooters and things like that. I need one to get around. My store I go to is only a few miles away and on dirt roads so I figure this is an easy way of getting around that is fun to do. I am a motorcycle-loving gal and always rode one, but haven’t had one in years. I’m short so it’s difficult finding one that I can actually reach the ground. My brothers would put me on one with a rider on the back, who was tall enough to read ground level, so they could hold the bike up. Yes, they are as nutty as me. Dangerous?, Of course. But we are a bunch of crazies.

On that note, I’ll end this bit of blathering and call it a day.


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