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Diary Talk – Life And Enjoying The Moments

Dear Diary,

Times sure do change fast, don’t they? One minute you’re a teenager in high school, the next married with three kids. How did this happen? So fast, time goes.

That is why it’s good to enjoy your life. At whatever stage you’re in. It’ll be gone before you know it. And the next phase of your life will begin. Who knows what it might hold for me.

I guess when you’re young you don’t think about it. But as you get older, you think more about your life. Where it was, where it currently is and where it may lead you. That’s why it’s best to enjoy your life, where you are, right now. I’ve learned that through the years. You can make your life what it is just by your attitude. Great to be alive, well and happy. It goes by way to fast.

Sitting outside sipping on a cup of coffee, enjoying the day and life. Enjoying the quiet and the sounds of the birds, crickets, and frogs. The cool air on my face on a hot day and thinking about my life and those I love.

Having a positive outlook on life makes a big difference, Diary. The way you think affects how you feel. If you’re negative you won’t get much out of life. Being positive will get you a lot further in your life. Too many people dwell on the negative or let it affect the way they live their lives. I hope I can have a positive effect on someone today, diary. I hope something I do or say will change the way someone thinks about their life, and make a difference to them. Put a smile on their face. Wish me luck on this,

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It’s nice talking to you, diary, as I get a lot off my chest and I feel better when it’s all said and done. It’s great to be able to talk to someone (not that you’re a real someone) but I like putting down in words my feelings, even to something that really doesn’t hear me. When you can’t talk to someone, it’s good to know you’re there. (am I losing my mind?) LOL

So much for today. You know I’ll be back soon.

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