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Not Much Accomplished And Little Worth Saying

This Day There Was Not Much Accomplished And There’s Little Worth Saying

Today was a weird day. I had a headache all night. Couldn’t sleep again either. So, I took a painkiller with a sleep-aid in it and wouldn’t you know, neither one worked. !  I was up all night again. So needless to say I couldn’t function at anything at all and I really accomplished little. I did go to the store and picked up a few much-needed items. Besides that, I just did light housework and fiddled with my VR Machine. Butwoman sitting outdoor during daytime most of the things I like to do on there were making me dizzy (due to the headache) so there was very little on that I could do either. (More Later) 

Did you ever notice how some people are so rude, inconsiderate, and horrid? I mean they don’t even have to say a word, their actions speak louder than anything they could ever say.
It was like that at the store today. A woman and two teenage girls were there and I could have screamed at them. Of course, I didn’t (the woman was twice my size) and I would have been pulverized. But standing in the aisle and not moving. Then when you do get through, and you say excuse me they act like they don’t hear you and don’t move. It was like this in several aisles. When you able to go through and at passing, say I’m sorry, excuse me and them sticking their noses in the air and not even acknowledging you are there. Made me want to hit something. But of course, I didn’t and acted civil and human.
Psalm 37:5
I didn’t have time with everyone at home and keeping me busy and in need to even read my bible or a short devotional. So that made me really upset. I will only have one read, and that will be tonight, before bed.  I need my time with El Shaddai every morning. It starts my day out right

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woman using black VR headset beside computerA few good things came out of this day. My headache went away, and so did the dizziness. I was able to use the Virtual Reality headset, finally. And I didn’t have to make supper. We had waffles. The frozen kind. Stick them in the toaster and away we go. Joel 2:25

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