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What Good Shall I Do Today? – How I’m doing and what’s on my mind.

It feels like somebody just beat me with a ball bat. I wake up like this most mornings. I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep in that bed, and I am miserable most nights. I have to take a nap during the day just to survive. I would be heavily medicated except for the fact that I can’t take pills. I get seriously nauseated. As soon as pills hit my stomach I’m sick. I hate them.

Have you ever looked at words? I mean how they are spelled and how easy it is sometimes to spell a word once you see it for what it is. Let me explain. Take nauseated for example. For some reason, I always have trouble spelling it, until I looked and seen nau – seated. I can spell seated. I can’t forget nau. So, therefore, I’ve learned how to spell the word. I know, weird right. Also, guidance, is it with, an A or an E? Well, I learned gui- and the rest is dance. Now I know. Another way words are weird is, take the word bow for instance. Is it a bow for the hair, or are you bowing? why are we changing the sound for the same word? I know this is weird, but words are weird to me.

What I'm thinking
My Thoughts

So, on another note. I’d like to talk about what bothers me. People who take other people’s things. Not even just stealing, but borrowing without askings, or reading something that isn’t any of their business. Being nosey, about things that are of no concern to them. At least it shouldn’t be, but they think it is. They actually think they have the right to know your business.
I kept a diary when I was younger. Of course, locked. Do you think I’m that air-headed? (don’t answer that) And it was taken, read, and never given back. And they got upset over what they read too. What do they plan on doing with it? Blackmailing me, Using it against me (that will never work) or do they just think they had the right to read my diary and keep it. What business was it of theirs to look at it in the first place, let alone keep it? I wrote mostly about a crush I had on a boy from school. Yes, after all this time, it still bothers me.

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But what I also try to do diary is to list some positives, things I enjoy in life and blessings, I have been given.
So, here are a few
Positives– I am a responsible person, Loyal, compassionate, and fair.
Enjoyments are My family, reading, friends, and the outdoors.
Blessings – My Family, our health, home, pets, guidance for my life, a purpose in life, protection from harm from, El Shaddai.

Why do I write this stuff down? Why does it matter? Not really important, I just like writing down my thoughts. I can get things off my chest, that need taking off and I can look back at my writings later on, for whatever reason I want to. It’s a release. A stress-reliever. Let’s my creative-side out.

Psalm 31:3


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