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Go To The Secret Place Run!

Secretly Hidden
Secretly Hidden
  • He’s Telling Us To Go 
  • Go To The Hidden Place- Run!

They’re coming. They’re close by. He runs into the house letting us know to go. We have to go. Now! Move!

We grab the kids and run up the stairs to the second floor and head to the last room where we have a secret hidden panel in the ceiling. No time to take anything with us. If we tried to take anything, it could cost us our lives. We leave everything behind. Will this ever end? How many times will we have to run?

As we slide open the hidden panel, we keep looking to see if they’ve gotten in yet. No sign of them. We hurry and climb up. We’re safe.

This other world awaits us as we see everyone else is here also.
We will have to abandon our lives for a while. It could be years. We can’t go home again.

As we meet all the others we knew would be here, we settle in for what we know will be a long wait and start all over in the place we knew we would be someday.

There is nothing like home. I miss it and dream about the day we can head back there. This place, it is nice. We have so many friends, but there is nothing like home.

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2 Years Later

We can go. We’ve gotten the word, it’s safe. We say our goodbyes and make our way back.
Back down through the secret opening that led us away from our lives, our home, our safety.
We start picking up where we left off and making our house a home once again.
We will still have to watch, worry, and be ready to run. But for now, we are safe and we are home.

2 Corinthians 12:9

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