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Waking Up To This Kind Of Day

How is it that as soon as you wake up, that your day either goes well or horrid? Is it the dreams? Is it due to pain? Is it from a bad day before?

It’s that kind of day!

I think I wake up in the mood I was in while asleep. You know whether I’ve had a good dream or a bad dream. I must have had a horrendous nightmare to wake up in such a way that I did today. I couldn’t have been more moody, miserable and miffed at the world then I was today.

I think if I have a nightmare and my night is interrupted, then my day is bad and I have a hard time getting into a mood I should be in. (you know pleasant)  And I noticed when I have really nice dreams I couldn’t be happier, more cheerful, and oh so nice to everyone.

I just got off the phone with a company that was supposed to pay me and still hasn’t and really let loose on the poor woman. I have been dealing with them trying to get things sorted out for a month now to no avail. Now I know it’s not her and her fault and finally said so, but when you are at your breaking point sometimes you just snap. Now I needed a good dose of God’s word for this action. Went straight for it too.

Took more than half a day to get out of this mood and calm down a bit. but I finally got there. I hate days like this I really do. I guess it comes from sheer exhaustion. If you didn’t know, I’m an insomniac. I haven’t slept right or for very long in about 5 years. It could kill me, I’ll let you know!

As the day progressed I find myself relaxed, watching a movie, which I don’t normally do and working on my website. I even played a game on my tablet. So all-in-all the day ended up going smoothly. Albeit my husband isn’t home yet, so we’ll see. Now that guy can cause the devil to flee in terror. (no hate mail) I’m not bashing men or my husband, he’s just a hot-tempered man and needs a release for his emotions after a 14 hour day driving truck through a busy city with a bunch of nitwitted knuckle-headed numbskulls. That’s my take on it and I’m sticking to it. I told you it was one of those days.

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This is why I keep reminding myself of these. James 1:20 and Proverbs 29:11 I think I need some soothing sleep sounds to keep me grounded.

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