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Out Of The Dark – Nightmare Overload

Nightmare Overload- He Watches

Going Into The Dark  – Nightmare Overload- He Watches

So it keeps happening. The nightmares. People chasing me. I’m forever running. Frantic. Who are they, why do they chase me, and what do they want?

Have you ever wondered why it is we dream? Where your mind goes when you sleep? How a peaceful night and a good dream can turn into a horrible night that produces horrific nightmares.

From the time I can remember, I have always had nightmares. (usually of people chasing me)I should be so thin by now-  I still have them to this day. I can tell you, it’s not what I eat. It’s not from anything I watch. I don’t watch T.V. (anymore)  It’s not from books I’ve read, as I only read books about the Amish, The Bible, Devotionals, and sometimes biographies.

So where do these nightmares come from and what provokes them into being?

For instance. I had a dream (you can call it that if you will) for about two weeks in a row.  I would fall asleep on the couch every night, the door about 10 feet away from me and my head up against where the woods would be. Each night (in my dream) I would see a man standing there, slightly in the woods, just staring at the house. A couple of nights later he was a little closer. A few days later he was at the edge of the house, right at the corner, just starring. Then the next night he was at the door and trying to get in. I’m a little freaked out now. Not knowing who he is or what he wants.

I usually collect myself the next day, but it takes hours to do so. And I hate the thought of going back to sleep.

But back on the couch I go and fall asleep again. The same dream once more. This time I hear the door jiggling and the guy gets into the house and walks right into the kitchen which is (obviously it has to be) right by the section of the couch where my head is at. I know he’s there and I’m too terrified to move or even breathe.

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He grabs the biggest knife there and heads right for me. At this point, I’m really groaning loudly, so much so that my husband hears me. He knows I’m having a dream and leaves it go at that. My dream continues. I know he is heading for me and  I try screaming. I apparently am one of these stupid people you see on T.V. (yes I used to watch it) who knows they are going to be killed but just stand there and don’t move or scream. They are paralyzed. You know that person you yell at to at least run, you nitwit. That’s me.

So I’m trying to wake up and I can’t. He is putting the knife to my throat and going to kill me. I keep trying to scream (which is coming out as a loud moan only.) Which my husband hears again.

Then out of nowhere, I hear this loud booming male voice say to me, Get up! I tell him (in my dream) that I can’t. I can’t move, He says again Get Up! I tell him I can’t. I can’t yell, I can’t move. I’m too terrified. He says again, you need to get up now! Again I insist I can’t. And one last time he Yells at me, Get Up Or You’re Going To Die!!!! That did it. I was up in a flash, up like lightning. That did the trick. I’ve always wondered if this voice was God or an angel sent by him.

And I can tell you (apparently) I did not die. I have however had that dream and others again and again.

So I would like to know why I have dreams like these, why they are recurring, and what to do about them. Why do Christians have dreams like this? Or do they?  Am I the only one?

I always try to keep focused on these scriptures to help me when fear strikes.

  • Isaiah 41:10
  • Isaiah 43:1

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