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Today’s Journal Entry -My Ramblings – Today’s Events and Happenings

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Daily Journal Entry

I’m tired. It’s been a long day and a busy one. After taking care of the animals, doing the housework, locating my camera (finally) and searching for my AA battery charger(which I never did find) I’m ready to sit down for a while. Getting up at 6 every morning and going to bed at 12 to 1:30 every night, I need a rest. This will, of course, come later.

I have been looking everywhere for a battery charger and don’t have a clue as to which one to buy. They can be expensive online and the reviews are so mixed. I think I’ll just have my husband buy one at Walmart. Take my chances. See what happens.

With all the organizing, scheduling, and budgeting I need to do. This is one of the first things I’ll try and tackle this morning Get it out of the way. First things first. I have to make a list of things I need to do, organize cupboards, closets, and bathroom, and tackle this budgeting of bills to pay, grocery budget and house money (still getting the house built) on a very tight budget. No loans make it a little difficult to get this project done fast.

I decided to watch a few youtube videos and I have to tell you. These people are more boring than what my life is. Their lives are about as humdrum as mine is. And if they are not too boring, they are weird. I mean I know a lot of them try to be weird, odd and I suppose unique, but come on. They are totally weird. Poppy, really?! Benjamin Bennet, what is that all about?! Eugenia Cooney. Someday real soon we’ll find that she has evaporated into thin air. All of this for popularity? For money from the ads? Because they are bored? And what of these foodies. Their life is that focused on food that they vlog about it? There has to be more to life than this, right?

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By this time I moved on to more productive things to keep my mind occupied. I sat outside, basking in the sun and read my Bible to fill my mind with good things. Psalm 37:23,24 Keeping me from being idle. Talked to my dog, She loves when I chit chat with her. I took the clothes out onto the line to dry in the sun and to finish one of my tasks that I had started.

Now the day was getting late so I headed back inside. Time to start thinking about getting the family fed. Making supper and doing the dishes will be the last thing I do for the day. Heading to bed early tonight. My goal is to be in my room by 11:30 at the latest.

Again, I will write in the morning.

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