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My Journals

Diary Overload-Keeping More than one Journal.

Sitting here this morning looking out at the rain and drinking a cup of coffee. It’s a hard rain and it’s coming down pretty good, but it’s a beautiful rain. I love a  day where it rains in the morning. It’s even nicer when the rain turns to a light drizzle and you can go out in it. That’s what it did today. I was out in it for about ten or so minutes and it felt so good. Then when the sun does come out, it’s gorgeous. Warm and such an enjoyable day. So peaceful. John 14:27

You can think, reflect, and do some Bible reading. It’s definitely a day for thanks. What a world we live in. So complex and yet so simple. Living the simple life. So good to be alive. Romans 15:13

I have started this journal just recently but also about a week before started writing a sort of Christian journal as well. Putting down all of my thoughts and fears with either scriptures or references to the scriptures for further reading.  My notebook is getting pretty full, but I read all of it every day, reminding myself of how I feel, what I fear, and what God’s word says about all of it.

I also have a daily to-do book. I keep a list of all the things I need to do during the day. This way I don’t forget what I need to do and to mark it off when it is completed. I tend to get very busy and forget to do things. If it’s written down I know it’s important and I won’t forget.

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I’m a very organized person and like to plan and keep track of things. Sometimes it can be very tiresome. Keeping three journals helps me stay organized and focused on what’s important. I have several of those (jumbo little books) on hand to use for all my writing projects. My favorite, of course, is the (My Daily Walk Journal), my Christian writing. Draws me closer to El Shaddai. I look forward to writing in it and reading it every day. Makes me happy! Psalm 68:3

Thanks for stopping in. Be blessed with Elohim dear friends. Live life to the fullest.

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