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A Walk In My Shoes

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A walk in my shoes
A walk in my shoes

Did you ever do pros vs cons lists? A bad vs good lists? Why I should vs Why I shouldn’t lists? Well if you have, then you’ll know what this is. It’s kind of like the good in my life vs the bad in my life, or a day when you do a self-pity party. This could be any of those. I was thinking of all I have, Then I started thinking where I had come from (been in my life) and what led me to where I am right now, and this list popped into my head with a kajillion others. How things happen. Why they happen the way they do. And what we make of those things.

Walking in my shoes is not very fun, no delight of any kind, definitely not a pretty picture, and oh so not funny! If you think you have it bad I have a million of these. I’m giving you 10.

1. Went from popular to unpopular within a day and still don’t understand why
2. Had a best friend for 34 years and within a day (not)!
3. How I had good eyesight and within a day, I now have very limited vision
4. Went from having a caring family to being deserted
5. Went from being a size 4 to a size (Oh Come On!) Did you really think I was going to tell you?
6. Being a really good cook to hating the thought of it now
7. Having way too much hair to it’s barely there
8. Completely thinking I’m 34 (for whatever reason is beyond me) to not realizing that I’m actually (oh really?! Again?)Take a look at #5 once more
9. Having good arches in my feet to being flat footed
10. Being only 5′ tall and then losing an inch (is it because I’ve gotten older) or is it due to all the back problems I have.

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But I still remember the words of Psalm 107:8-9
8 Let them give thanks to Elohim for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind,
9 for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.The Bible says “that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28.
I am Blessed, I am saved, I am loved.

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