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Brokden Friendships
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Past Relationships/Friendships

What causes a broken friendship?

Have you ever wondered what makes people change so? What makes them change the course of their life so drastically. Their thoughts, actions, attitudes.

I was thinking about a friend I’ve had since ninth grade up until May of 2017 when she decided that she couldn’t be friends with me any longer.  I’m not sure what I did really. Except that I started to have a voice and give my opinions here and there. I guess I didn’t really think she was the cat’s meow anymore like in high school and she didn’t like not being the star in everyone’s eye.

She changed little by little now that I look back on it. Getting angry when I knew something she didn’t, or when she couldn’t tell me something because I already knew it. When she thought it would be nice to learn another language (because she worked with foreigners) and I started speaking in that language, already knew it pretty well, and this made her mad that she was not number 1 in something and I showed her up.

She then tells me she can’t stay friends with me anymore, (she can’t do this any longer) and tells me over the phone that she hopes I have a good life and hangs up on me.

This is quite ironic as just a few years before this occurred I told her of a movie I watched where this very thing transpired and we didn’t see how that could be possible between such good friends (especially besties). We couldn’t wrap our heads around this. Then it happened to us. Was God trying to warn me back then? Give me a wake-up call to what was going to transpire. Perhaps.

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Isn’t it funny how people change so drastically, so quickly?  Life sure does give you ups and downs. (Höhen und Tiefen)

What’s weird is, I miss her and wonder how she’s doing, and yet, I don’t. The relationship took a toll on me. Always walking on eggshells. Afraid to do or say anything that might upset her. That is a bad relationship to be in, no matter what.

My lifelong friendship is over. I don’t think it will ever come back. Moving on is difficult and lonely. It’s a shame. She claims to be Christian, but I don’t see this as a Christian attitude.

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1   For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven
  • 1 Corinthians 15:33   Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

Good Bye My Friend. I wish you well, and happiness in the journey that you choose to take in life. God be with you. (Möge Gott dich gut erhalten.)

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