Outstanding Top 5 Bloggers Worth Reading

Well, it’s that time again. Time to mention some other bloggers. We searched high and low, and let me tell you it’s not so easy picking which ones will get listed. Our Top 5 is what we believe are the best of the best. These bloggers are at the top of the blogging chain. I have searched and found many different sites that meet the top list, but I chose these five to share with all my readers today. They have the hits and make a lot of money with their blogs. Seasoned bloggers, they give you inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals and be successful. Also, check out Top 5 Entrepreneur Blogs To Follow For 2017

Take a look at the list below and check them out. You’ll see why I have listed them here. I’m confident that you will agree with me.

  1. Katie Freiling – Her posts are always from the heart. She has the ability to be very serious, humorous, and simple with her writing.
  2. Andy Beard – He is not only informative but also humorous. He blogs about SEO, and marketing strategies the most. He can teach you everything about online marketing you need to know.
  3. Erica Douglass – Erica teaches others how to become successful online. If you want to read some very inspirational blog posts then you need to visit her website.
  4. Robb Sutton – The owner of Oneninety8, Robbsutton.com .He is a giver, of advice, freebie icons, graphics and code. He also has a new ebook ready for download.
  5. Rae Hoffman – She is a self-confessed Internet and Marketing SEO Consultant. Rae is one of the SEO gatekeepers, she really knows about her chosen career. She has been mentioned in a lot of publications, USA Today, Forbes, and ZDNet.

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