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Regrets-We All Have Them-Sharing A Few Of Mine

Regrets. We all have them, right? Whether it is one or many regrets, we all regret having either not done something, or something we regret doing. Hence the bucket list. People make these to do during their life, because they want to do them and not have any regrets later about the things they wanted to do and didn’t. Sorry to say there is no Bucket List for things done. We really can’t undo something we regret doing. We can feel bad about it, apologize for it, and try to make amends for it, but it can not be undone.

What is something you regret doing/not doing? Share one of your biggest regrets in the comment section below.

Okay now on to my regrets.

  • One of my regrets is not spending more time with my dad before he passed. I did spend time with him and I visited him often but I wish I would have spent more time with the one person I loved more in life than anyone.
  • Another regret is that I didn’t finish Nursing school. I was the top in my class and had offers from the physical therapy team, the lab, and nursing to go in those fields and due to personal problems I dropped out and didn’t go back.
  • One of my other regrets is that I didn’t have more kids. I only have 3 and would loved to have had at least 5. I would have loved to have a large family.(well large for me) This one weighs heavily on me, most every day.
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So what is a regret or two that you have? If you’d like to share them, leave them in the comment section below. Or if you have a post on this topic, leave the link to your website so we can read your story. Have a Happy New Year!


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