Did You Know Series – Myth VS Fact

Myths VS Facts – Part of our Did You Know Series.

Some fascinating facts and myths. Take a look at the list below and test your knowledge about what you read.  Do you know what is fact and what is myth? Will what you read surprise you. How much do you know, when comparing myths to facts? 

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  • The “five-second rule” that food dropped on the floor for less than 5 seconds is safe to eat is not always true. Contamination depends on moisture levels and the number of germs on the floor.
  • Charles Darwin came up with the idea of natural selection, but he didn’t coin the phrase “survival of the fittest”, that was Herbert Spencer in 1864’s Principles of Sociology.
  • You assume James Monroe wrote the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, but its primary author was future-President and then secretary-of-state John Quincy Adams.
  • We Use 10% of Our Brain Theory
    The average human uses 100% of the brain on a daily basis, and there are no “silent areas” of a normal human brain.
  • You Should Wait to Swim After Eating
    You don’t have to wait to swim after you eat. Swimming after eating has minimal to no effect on swimming performance.
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  • Jesus is the Most Mentioned Person in the Quran
    Not only is Jesus in the Quran, he is actually the most mentioned person in the Quran. Islam teaches Jesus was a prophet and was a precursor to Muhammad.
  • The term “computer” used to refer to humans who did computations-computer used to be a job description, not a machine.
  • Life is all about “trade-offs,” and almost everything in life is a trade-off. If one thing increases, another must decrease.
  • 15th President James Buchanan and Pierce’s Vice President William Rufus King, whom Jackson lovingly called “Miss Nancy”, were America’s first LGBT President & VP.
  • Between the 1940s and the 1970s, Pinball was illegal in parts of the United States. Thought of as a gambling “game of chance” it was caught up in the post-prohibition push-back against gambling.

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