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Bloggers Road-Side Stop For Hot Blog Post Ideas

Bloggers Road-Side Stop For Blog Post Ideas

We Are Sharing Ten of Our Top Ideas On How To Write A Compelling List Post For Your Blog

Types of Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work. One of the most effective ways of fighting writer’s block is having a big resource file, containing lots of ideas for new posts.  Every blogger needs some variety in terms of content if they want to blog for long term.

  1. Definition posts – This is like a Wikipedia-style post. Choose a term that has a significant importance in your field and define it. Make it easy to understand for someone who might be new to the topic.
  2. Standard List- Take a topic that is a problem basically and come up with a number of separate solutions for it.
  3. Case studies- These present a way of solving a problem based on a real-life example.Constructed in a step-by-step manner, this study presents a detail of each step and explains why this specific solution was picked. Case studies present a final result by showing what has been done.
  4. Comparison posts- Comparison posts takes two or more possible solutions to a field that has problems and solves them by different means, by comparing them to one another.Aspects of these solutions need to be taken into account, too be valuable.Make sure to show the results. This could be something like books, or software.
  5. What others are saying posts- This is a link-list and research post, all in one.Find a topic and see what other peoples opinion on that topic is. If other people are more knowledgeable in a field, share what they have to say.
  6. Special reports- Like an e-book only smaller than one, usually focuses on one aspect of a specific field and is usually delivered for free. Announce this free report in your post.
  7. Projects- Have a good readership? Then this type of post is for you. Announce a project you will be participating in, and invite your readers to take part in it, and then you share the results.
  8. Surveys and polls- A simple poll consist of one question with a number of possible answers.
    A question could be which sitcom is your favorite? List several options for your readers to choose from
  9. Software, tools, scripts, plugins, themes, services- Research your audience to find ideas for new services or products. What are they interested in.Use this blog post to announce your new software, script, etc.Share your ideas and information on it.
  10.  News Posts- Be careful of this one. You really need to be on top of things here. Usually shorter posts, they give an important piece of news in a given market. You have to be fast as news changes daily, and let’s face it. Who wants to read old news, and you have to post on a daily basis.


Blogging is not only about writing 300-2,500 words of text and publishing them on your site.
One of the most effective ways of fighting writer’s block is having a big resource file, containing lots of ideas for new posts. Every blogger needs some variety in terms of content if they want to do this for a long period of time.

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