Organizational Skills For Your Life

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Organizational Skills For Your Life (Free Printable)

How to organize your life. The key is (You) It all begins with you, and a little of your time.

Life can be messy and hectic and soon get out of control. Life happens and it seems it always happens at once.
There is no time it seems to do much of anything, let alone organize and put things away. Who has time for scheduling and chores? Right?

Here are Ten Tips the will show you just how to organize your life. Whether it be home, school, work, or everything in between, it can make life easier in the long run.

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  • First things first.
    1. Write it down. Yes, everything. Don’t rely on your memory, as I’ve said earlier things get hectic and chaotic. You will forget.
  • 2. Make a space for everything. As the saying goes, a pace for everything and everything in its place. If you organize all the things around your house/office/school locker, you’re going to find that when you need it, you’ll know where it’s at and therefore get to it quickly and easily.
  • 3. Regular Clean up is a must. When you have 15 to 30 minutes, declutter, organize, and clean. When you put things away, right away, you’ll find things run a lot smoother. Life gets less stressed. And you’ll actually have more time to yourself.
  • 4. Recycle and Donate. If you have things lying around that you don’t use, have never used, or only use on occasion you should be thinking about donating some of these items or possibly recycling them. Take some of your things to a local Goodwill Store and donate them to someone who can use them. Things like extra dishes, clothes, and books. If you have an inkling too, sell them at a yard sale, eBay or on Etsy.
  • 5. Making life easier and de-cluttering means Emails as well. All those unread emails, newsletters, magazines, and subscriptions. If you haven’t read any for a while and don’t plan to, unsubscribe and trash those emails.
  • 6. Downsize-Make a list of the items you own and write down how many of each you have. 20 handbags and 40 pairs of shoes are excessive. Downsize . Sell, donate, or give some away. And before you buy one of any thing you have too much of  already, Use the method, buy one, rid myself of two. For each one thing you buy, two must go. Keep things at a minimum.
  • 7. Create a schedule not just for starting your de-clutter and downsizing, but make lists for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. Get the family involved. Hand out tasks evenly to every member in the house. Don’t do it alone.
  • 8. use index cards and pin to a bulletin board to post jobs. You’ll be reminded easily of things you want to get done that day, week, month.
  • 9. For bedrooms with no space for a dresser, use a wooden magazine rack with cloth tiers to hang in the closet for clothing items, hair accessories, and books.
  • 10. Tape an envelope for takeout food coupons on the wall, inside a cabinet or drawer nearest the phone.

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