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10 way’s To Find Freelance Writing Jobs. Especially Targeted For Beginners (free Printable)

If you’re interested in working from home and have a desire of becoming a freelance writer, then these ten tips can help. Take a look at the list below and start your journey now.

I’ve been a freelance writer for more than five years now and I get asked a lot to talk about where to find freelance writing jobs. Here is a list of ten things you will want to know and do to find writing jobs. Read Our Post Work From Home Business Ideas

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1. Cold Pitch – What is this? It’s when you contact some bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies, small businesses and let them know how you can help grow their business.
Now you need to draft up a cold pitch and send it off. In your pitch you need to make sure to include:
How you found out about them
Who you are
How you can help them

2. Follow Tweets From Job Boards -Social Media is a great place to get freelance work. Twitter is a great place to go to get work. Also a great way to build up your client base. Follow people like

3. Seek Out, Friends and Family. Let your co-workers know that you freelance as well. You might end up with your first job from one of them. Don’t forget to make up some business cards for your new business.

4. Use your website. Have a professional looking website and offer your freelance writing services on it.Make sure to have a self-hosted website. Use a self-hosted one like WordPress. Create that professional looking website.

5. Think about free guest posting. This is a payoff right away as hundreds to thousands of people will see your writing if you post to a popular website.One of the people reading the article you’ve submitted will possibly be a future client. Make sure to put all your work into a portfolio, which will help get you other jobs.

6. Great a relationship with companies and brands. Follow them, like them, and watch them (socially) so you can engage with them when possible. Get the relationship going so you can eventually introduce yourself and inquire about a writing job.

7. Craigslist is a good source of quality clients. For the best clients check out places like Houston, Los Angeles, and New York. Pitch to companies in these cites which have a big budget for writers. Make sure to pitch a few times a week.

8. There are plenty of blogs out there that pay you for your writing.(guest posts) While you guest post for free you’re building your portfolio for paid jobs. Search google or Pinterest for potential writing jobs.

9. Check out LinkedIn’s job board. Yes, they have one. Put in that you’re a writer and watch what comes up.

10.  Reddit is a social media where you can find work writing. Pay attention to the sub-Reddit also.Look for For Hire and Writing Opportunities. You can find publications that will pay writers for their submissions.

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