Mother's Day Flowers
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A Wonderful Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day -It’s Great To Be A Mom

This year, Mother’s Day was wonderful. We are building our house in June and my husband bought me a beautiful porch swing and a old time looking cooler that will go by the swing. Pictures of these will be when the house and porch are up. Also two signs from  Pat Catan’s Arts & Crafts

One with butterflies that has three hooks for the kitchen and one that will go on our porch that says Home Sweet Home. They are really nice  You might also enjoy A Relaxing Day At The Lake

Mother's Day Flowers
A Beautiful Bouquet Of Flowers

My daughter bought me some Noxzema . She knows how much I love it. Along with a card (humorous of course) and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which also included Roses. More flowers were added later (nice surprise!) My youngest son also got me some flowers. Along with all of this my hubby ordered pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook. Sweet , No?!

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This was really a good day.

I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day and enjoyed your families. It’s nice to be appreciated and loved.

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mom’s Every Where


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