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Are you looking to become more organized? That’s great. But just how do you become more organized? How do you organize your time? We’re going to show you how to organize your life. From home to work and everything in between. Is your life a bit hectic? A bit of a mess? Here are our top ten tips  to show you how easy it is to becoming more organized. You might also like Time Management Tips – How To Manage Your Time

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Getting Organized
Keep Organized By Keeping A List

1. You should first start off with writing every thing down. Know what you need to do and then do it. You can’t expect to keep everything in your memory. Something is bound to slip out and get lost along the way.You need things to be written down and you need to schedule things.

2. Make sure to rid yourself of things not needed, not used, old and battered. Take things and throw them out, donate them or give them away.

3. Never buy anything until you have thrown out two things. Limit what you have. Rid yourself of two before you buy one. You can’t stay organized if you have too much lying around and cluttering your space. Keep things to a minimum.

25 Organizational Tips
Are you a slob? Need help?

4. Junk Mail. Get rid of it. Stop holding on to it or letting it pile up on you. If you don’t want it, need it, or use it. Get rid of it. From snail mail to e-mail, stop the junk. Unsubscribe from them now! Newsletters, blogs and other online publications, if you haven’t opened them , or read them in months, you don’t need them. Clutter in any form needs to be gotten rid of.

5. Create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. This is a great thing to do for cleaning, running errands, and in business.

6. Put things away immediately. Don’t let things sit and collect until you have a pile of clutter. Have a dedicated place for everything. Don’t put anything down until you put it in it’s original spot. Makes things easier and cleaner.

7. Get to those drawers, cupboards, closets, and storage containers. Open them up one at a time, room by room, and clean them out. For every one thing you keep, toss out two. Whether you donate them, ot pitch them they need to go. Keep less than half of what you have currently. Less things, means less clutter, mess and less to deal with later. Less cleaning too.

8. Work outside the home. Here is a tip to getting organized at the office. Organize those papers, files and drawers. Toss out what you don’t need (100 paper clips) (200 post it notes) and downsize. put on the computer what can go there and get a scheduler to remind you of things needing done. Do one task at a time before going on to another one. Put all the things in drawers that don’t need to be sitting out.

9. For school make sure to have a planner and check it before heading out the door. Put all your essentials in the backpack the night before. Make sure to clean out your locker at school at least every two weeks. Put your papers in binders and folder to minimize the backpack clutter.

10. Keep a clipboard/cork board on your refrigerator/wall instead of all those magnets, notes, photos, and reminders. Keep a clipboard or cork board to put those things. One designated area for all those things. Neat, clean, well organized.

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