Ten Of Our Best Business Blog Ideas

If you’re a business, you need a website. One that will bring in customers and by doing so can build customer relationships.

But you’re not going to want a blog that is stagnant. One you don’t keep up with. One that sits dormant. You also don’t want one that is nothing but sales pitches. One that is disguised as such can potentially hurt your marketing plan.

A really good business is one that lets the customer know why they should be doing business with you and not their competitor.

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I have listed several business ideas for your blog.

1. Post your own question. What would you like to know about your customers? Ask, and your readers will create all the content.
2. Discuss your business’future plans. Provide a peek at what you plan on doing for the upcoming year.
3. Make a podcast. Do an interview with an someone who is an expert, or give your own useful ideas and tips.
4. Behind the scenes tour. Give your customers and readers a video tour of your plant,or the customer service desk showing off the employees that make your customer service great.
5. Create a feature of the month. Create a collection of online articles that match your customers’ interests and post this once a month.
6. Share your customer feedback. Take your customer comment cards (most business have these) or you might even want to do customer surveys, and then make highlights of some of these into a post.
7. How-To or informational posts. Share ways customers can use one of your products or service. Show ways that are not well known.
8. Positivity. Inspiration. Write about one of these. Showing how you found these to be helpful in you day and how it created a postive atmosphere in the workplace.
9. Helpful Tips are a good way to offer your readers/customers suggestions on how to use one of your products.
10. Share a highlight.Talk about a big moment. One that was important and how it changed your business.

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