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Is Publishing An E-book A Good Idea?

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Controlling Your Blood Pressure

How To Self-Publish An E-book. This is relatively easy. I have been doing it for a year now. No problems. I use open office , but there are many you can use. Publishing an e-book is a good idea . There are a few things you will need to know and I will explain most of them here. Here are the top questions asked. I will give a brief description about each.

1. Is publishing an e-book a good idea?
2. How to format an e-book
3. Sites for self-publishing e-books
4. Information Needed To Self-publish your e-book

Is Publishing An E-book A Good IdeaYes! Some people can make 80% or more publishing e-books alone. There is less expense with e-books due to no printing cost, and no shipping cost.
Having a book is great but having an e-book gives the reader direct access immediately. Plus there are more readers and more revenue. So you would be missing out on a few things if you went hard copy alone.
Plus anyone in the world has the opportunity to purchase your book which means a global business right from where you sit.

Once you publish your e-book it’s for sale worldwide within twenty four hours,sometimes less. You can publish and start earning money within a day.
It is free to self-publish on the most popular e-book platforms. E-publishing has low overheads, low entry costs and a high margin of return.

Formatting your e-book– You need a formatted e-book file to load to the publishing platforms.
mobi for Amazon
ePub for other stores

You can publish do it yourself or outsource it. I Do it myself and it’s very easy and simple.
I use Open office but you can use others like Scrivener or Jutoh for your writing tools.

Now if you already have books in print you can get them scanned back into word so you can produce and e-book from that.
There will be more issues if you have images or tables. More problems with formatting. You will have a bigger file size.

Now for children’s books you might want to use Kindle Kids Book Creator which can handle a lot of images. Don’t forget to ensure you have the license for the images you use, unless of course they are your images. Make sure you have permission to use them or you have paid for them.

The sites to self-publish – Here are the main sites for direct self-publishing:

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• Amazon KDP
• Kobo Writing Life
• Nookpress
• iTunes Connect and iTunes Producer for iBooks

The Information Needed:

Free bullets for web pages• You will need a Title for your book
Free bullets for web pages• Subtitle , which is always optional
Free bullets for web pages• If it is a series you will need a series title and volume
Free bullets for web pages• Edition number- when you update a book
Free bullets for web pages• Publisher , which can be you or this can be left blank
Free bullets for web pages• Description, small blurb about the book
Free bullets for web pages• Book contributors- Author, co-author, editor, etc…
Free bullets for web pages• Language, Choose your language for your book.
Free bullets for web pages• ISBN-This is optional. I don’t use them.
Free bullets for web pages• Verify your publishing rights-select “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.”
Free bullets for web pages•Book release option- You can publish now or have set up for pre-order. Pre-orders is a good idea if you have a series. So if they want the next book they can pre-order in advance.
Free bullets for web pages•Book cover- You can either upload your cover or use one of amazon kindle covers
Free bullets for web pages•Upload your book file- This is Mobi for Kindle. You upload and it will show you successful if it has worked. You can also be notified of spelling errors.
Free bullets for web pages•Decide on DRM- Digital Rights Management. A way to lock the books format so it can only be read on a kindle. You many not want to do this as it limits people reading your book.
Free bullets for web pages•Preview your book- Most platforms offer a preview of your book. This is a good idea. This enables you to see how your book looks on the kindle and iPhone
Free bullets for web pages•Verify your publishing territories- If you are self-published and hold the book rights then you will need to click worldwide.
Free bullets for web pages•Set Pricing- If you want the 70% royalty you need to set your price from $2.99-$9.99 If you’re pricing is below or above that, then it will be the 35%. If you’re in KDP Select, it doesn’t make much difference, because you’ll get paid per page read.
Free bullets for web pages•Kindle Matchbook- If the print book is available and the customer has already bought the print book, they can get the eBook at a reduced price. Good idea.
Free bullets for web pages•Kindle Book Lending- This allows readers to lend books to friends/ family in specific territories.
Free bullets for web pages•Now just click Save and Publish. The book will go through processing and within 24 hours You book will be live and ready to be purchased.

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