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Blogging. Should it be one niche or can it be multiple topics? What is more successful? What should I do? I did a lot of searching on this and a lot of people say you need a niche so that you have a target audience. Others say many different topics are okay and will do well also. So what should you do?

I’ve had a blog for years, just one I messed around with. I’ve had visitors and comments like everyone else but on the small side. I have changed the name more than once. Nothing seemed to fit me. Nothing seemed to keep me entertained, let alone those who would come by for a visit. So I had to think. What was I doing?

So when I got serious and wanted to make money from my blog, I started to really think. What was best? What was right for me. How can I target an area if I have more than one topic on my site? You have to understand that I get bored easily. I need multiple things to do at one time. I multitask more than most and can still be bored and need more to do. I have multiple interest and skills and I need to express on those. All of those. I can’t just pick one, it would hurt my brain to be stuck like that.

I am a photographer . I have been since 1989 and couldn’t live without showing off some of my photos. I’m a mom and therefore needed to think about doing parenting topics. I’m a caregiver to orphaned and sick animals who need a home, food, and medicines. So this is a topic I want to write off and on about. I’m a content marketer, a freelance/ghost writer and an author of several e-books.

Making Money With Your Blog
One or More Niches?

This is why I made my site Bits Of This And That. I can’t stick to one thing. I need adventure and excitement. I need to keep my mind occupied. So this is what I set out to do. My site is literally bits and fragments of this and that.

Here’s what I found while searching the web and other sites.
Many people have stated that it is best to pick one topic at first and concentrate on that and then after you’ve started getting subscribers and followers and have been blogging for a while, then you can incorporate more topics. You want to be able to focus all of your attention (100%) on what you’ve started. What you know best. What people are coming to your site to read.

Some have said that if you want to make money from your blog then one niche is the way to go. You don’t want a blog with multiple topics. That if you are blogging as a means to an income, then you need to take a proper business approach.
Think about what inspires you to write. What topic interest you? Think about what others are writing about and what you want to subscribe to.

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My problem with this is that I am making money from my blog. And I am writing about multiple topics. Granted they are all geared towards basically the same thing. I have a Fitness genre that includes exercises, health, and wellness in it. One topic and three subtopics. I have recipes (I find I receive a lot of hits from this) and a subcategory -Cooking with kids. I have every how-to topic out there. How to includes fashion and beauty, D.I.Y, Home remedies, how to blog, bake, give chores to kids, teach etc… I do product reviews from ovens to books. I also have my Photo of the week, Foto Friday. I receive more hits from this than I do anything except my Business category. Which has topics for every business out there.  Big business to small business, finances, start-up business, S.A.H. Work, Revenue and more.

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What I am saying is that I went against the odds of doing one niche and did what I wanted. Granted I have basically five topics with loads of subtopics and I am making money from my blog. I have a lot of posts on those too, though. I don’t have two or three articles on one topic , three or four on another. I have several posts on each topic. You can come to my site and find an array of articles on the topic you’re looking for. Blogging can be used to build an audience on nearly every topic imaginable. Even if you have more than one.

Some say that when someone is looking for a topic and you provide that topic, they come back often if your site focuses on that alone. I have web visitors come back often even with multiple topics. That is I believe, due to the fact that I have many posts on that specific topic that draws them back. As well as many posts on the other topics I provide. If you keep producing posts on each topic you decide to write about, they will continue to come back.

If you find you’re writing about a particular topic more often then you can decrease one or more of the others, or eliminate them altogether. You might eventually have just one topic. But if you don’t , you can do just as well.

So yes I do believe that you can have a successful blog and earn a living with it, if you chose to have multiple niches.

  • To Summarize:
  • Just be sure to make your topics easy to find.
  • Try using visually distinguished posts -Use a themed day- Like I use for Foto Fridays
  • Consistency-You can have a lot of topics just continue to write them with the same style you write them all. With your flare, enthusiasm, and style
  • Use shortcodes to organize your posts
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