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The Cottage (Secrets of the Shetlands) Review

The Cottage -Secrets of the Shetlands- Review

The Cottage By Michael Phillips
The Cottage Book Review

About The Book:

When Loni Ford is informed that she has inherited property in the Shetland Islands, she laughs. She wants nothing more than to sell it and be done with it. But when she arrives in the North Sea enclave, she is stunned to find that “the Cottage” is not at all what she expected, nor is David Tulloch, the man most of the islanders believe to be the rightful heir.

The locals could hardly be more surprised that the heir is a woman–and an American. Loni, in turn, finds the islanders quaint and a bit behind the times. Expecting David to be as provincial as the rest of his clan, she discovers that there is far more to the man than meets the eye. And there is something about the peaceful atmosphere of the place–and the character of its most prominent citizen–that soon gets under her skin.

Beneath the peaceful surface, however, change is threatening the island of Whale’s Reef. David’s cousin Hardy Tulloch, whose claim to the inheritance now in Loni’s hands was backed by oil investors, has not been deterred in his aim to control the island. But his co-conspirators have plans of their own, plans that put Loni’s very life in danger.

My Thoughts:
Well first things first. I didn’t know there was a book one and ended up reading Book 2 first. (Book 1  The Inheritance) But this wasn’t a problem as this can be read as a stand alone book. This book is gripping and has a way of making you feel like you’re right there. The writing is excellent and being Scottish with a long line of Quakers in my family this book felt like home. And though I’ve never been able to go there, the author makes the place seem so real, you can actually get a sense of what it’s like. You can feel the air and breathe the scent of the sea.
I have never read a book by this author before, but I can say that due to the remarkable writing talent this author has I will most definitely be looking for others to read. Starting with book 1 The Inheritance.
From the very first paragraph this was a book worth reading. One I had to continue with. Each sentence drew me in. I wanted to know more. With all the twist in the book, one has to find out more. The way the book goes you’re inclined to think it might be like a mystery but I’m not sure that’s what it is. But it fits.
This book is well worth the read and I do recommend it to you. I haven’t found to many that I really like this well. The author did a great job with the writing of this book. A must read 5 star book.
  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Reprint edition (October 4, 2016)
  • Language: English
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Author Biography :

In 1970, while students at Humboldt State University, Mike and Judy Phillips began what would become the One Way BookShop as a small, informal source of Christian books and materials for their fellow students. Over the next two decades God prospered those small beginnings, and now the bookstore is a thriving part of the Humboldt County Christian community.

Mike’s first published book was about his wife’s pregnancy and the birth of their twin sons. After several more nonfiction titles, Mike undertook a lifelong dream to renew the popularity of Scottish writer George MacDonald, whose teachings had been central to Mike and Judy’s spiritual growth. Mike began editing some of MacDonald’s lengthy novels, heavy with Scottish brogue, into shorter and more readable editions, with some of the work being done right at the bookstore counter between customers.

Through the years, God has continued to guide Mike in the production of books emphasizing strong spiritual values and unforgettable characters. In addition to being best sellers in Christian bookstores all across the country, Mike’s books have been offered through several book clubs, have been translated into a number of foreign languages, and have been published in over 120 editions in all, with sales of over 3 million. Mike is today recognized as one of the Christian bookselling industry’s most prolific and versatile authors.

Family is very important to Mike. He and his wife, Judy, have taught their three sons, Patrick, Robin, and Gregory, at home throughout their education. Home schooling enables the family to frequently accompany Mike in his work-related travels.

It has always been Mike’s desire in his writing that all who read his books will find a closer and more real walk with God through the characters and stories. Both he and Judy enjoy responses from readers and find great encouragement from the letters they receive.

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Disclaimer: I received this book for review purposes only. I was not paid for my thoughts. I received a copy of this book for free from Bethany House Publishers
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